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CORE VALUES This intensive course will focus on the building blocks of electrical engineering, the fundamentals of electrical design and integrating electrical engineering know-how into the industrial system. The course will cover the best practice, reviewing basic electrical circuits and electrical, principles of electrical generation, transmission and distribution...

This is an intensive course that will equip the attendees with the essentials of electrical and electronics  engineering as applicable to industries. The course will expose the attendees to understanding of mechanical equipment.

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Welcome to Sanatech Global, the home of Electrical Engineering technology. At Sanatech we provide a world class training in Electrical Engineering to meet the skills demand and skill gap in the Nigerian labor market.

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Sanatech understands the importance of growth and skills and then noticed the skill gap that exist between the graduates of our institutions and the basic skills requirement for employment into an Electrical Engineering department


We have set up a world class training facility to help Nigerian graduates to acquire skills that will make them to be employable by companies to work in their engineering facilities


Electrical Engineering

Industrial Motor Control, Installation and Maintenance Electrical Control Panel Building and Design Electrical Testing, Troubleshooting and Repairs Electrical Technician Training Electrical Automation and Control Design Installation and Maintenance of Solar & Inverter Systems

Electronic Engineering

Electrical Testing, Troubleshooting and Repairs Electrical Technician Training

Safety Programs

Safety in Electrical Engineering Design, Installation and Maintenance Safety in Electronic Engineering Design, Installation and Maintenance

Why study with us?

Imagine a world without electricity. Without electrical engineering, that would be a reality.
Electrical and electronic engineering covers a wide range of general principles and concepts. There is a particular crossover with aeronautical and mechanical engineering
If you enjoy mathematics and science, are fascinated by energy and electronic gadgets, and want to design and invent things that benefit society, you may wish to train for an electrical and electronic
Technology isn’t stopping, the revolution is only getting faster, bigger and stronger. You, SanaTech graduate, are required at the helm of it all. So get to it!

It is also a very creative subject, with many graduates find employment in the digital media industry, and in online engineering. Major areas include the development of optical and gigabit wireless communications.

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