Welcome to Sanatech global

Sanatech Global is organized by a team of professionals with 
over 10 years of experience in the Electrical Engineering ranging from onshore, offshore and in industrial process, commercial and domestic installations.
Sanatech understands the importance of growth and skills and then noticed the skill gap that exist between the graduates of our institutions and the basic skills requirement for employment into an Electrical Engineering department, therefore decides to set up a world class training facility to help Nigerian graduates to acquire skills that will make them to be employable by companies to work in their engineering facilities

Our vision

To become the top choice in providing world class engineering skills training to help improve the employability of our youths, graduates and also providing Electrical Engineering to our industries.

Our mission

To bridge the skill gap between the schools and the industry demand in Electrical Engineering by providing a world class certified training.

Our training

Our Electrical Engineering based training has been designed to suit the need of the employers of labor and at the same time equip our youths and graduates with employable skills that can make them useful in the industries.

Why Choose us

Our training facilities are well adapted for Electrical Engineering trainings according to approved standards. We train our student in line with industry based best practices

Electrical Engineering Programs

Learn EE Circuits - Voltage - Current - Node Voltage - Phasors - Power - 3 Phase & More. 24-hour customer service.

Electronic Engineering Programs

Industry leading, live and interactive tutorials! Interactive Classes. Small Group Size. Industry Driven Course

Safety Programs

We provide guidelines that direct procedures and include checklists that can make work environments safer by preventing mistakes

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